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MG-Travels is a full on Travel agency with a strong accent on wine country regions.


We can book anything from a single Hotel room, to a full trip anywhere in the world with an array of extra experiences. We also work locally in the Twin Cities develloping a lot of fun tour related to food and wine with added activities. Check our page Minneapolis VIP.

Don't worry if you can't find it on our website, we will make it happen. 

Curiosity is the Lust of the Mind

I have always been curious about places and one of my favorite things to do is to gaze at the big screen at the airport (I know that's weird) and imagine how it is to be, live, visit, meet, dine, learn and experience all those worldly destinations.

It's not overwhelming to me IT GETS ME GOING! I encourage you to be curious and discover as much as possible by trying new things, new places, new wine and new food...Allow me to personalize your vacation or trip and to join me in a life of experience and curiosity.

Food & Wine in Picturesque Countrysides


Experiencing a country as a local would is not an easy thing to do.


I aim to have you discover a true, honest experience with fantastic wineries and local restaurants in the world’s various wine countries. In France, from Burgundy, to the Loire Valley, through to the Rhone Valley and Champagne. If it's Italy, one might go from Tuscany to Piedmont; or off to Spain to experience the beautiful Rioja and Penedes.


Spend time with locals walking through vineyards and sipping on their crafted wine, and maybe an invitation to experience their private reserve!

The Wine Experts

Leslee Miller


Leslee Miller, Owner of Amusee Wine, has been a mentor to me since I bought my first bottle of wine from her in 2008. Leslee is the most knowledgeable wine person I have ever met, period! Now she is mentoring me while I pass my sommelier certification, I couldn't be in better hands!


Nicolas Giraud

I met Nicolas Giraud, now Wine Director of Meritage, when I took over management duties at Vincent, A Restaurant. He has been a huge support and asset not only for me, but also for the entire wine and Francophone community in the Twin Cities.







I have been looking for what my passion is all of my life. People mentioned photography, sports, fashion, etcetera. I've never been able to pinpoint what I liked to do until it came to me all at once. I knew I had already found my passion and my passion is travel. It has been a part of me since the day I was born, yet I had never been able to connect it because it was part of my everyday life. I was born in France, worked summers in Spain, moved to Reunion Island, then to London. I've lived in Barcelona, worked in China, been a flight attendant. I then made Minneapolis, Minnesota my home base when I moved to the USA in 2008. 


Everytime I tell my story to friends, family, clients, co-workers and new connections, they always ask me where are the places they should go visit, what is worth going to, and ask about my best experiences. It is always with great pleasure and enthusiasm that I write them a list of recommendations and places to visit, restaurants to stop at, sites to see and visit. I finally put one and one together, and decided to start my own company based on what I enjoy the


I have more than 15 years of experience in hospitality, as well as the restaurant and wine industry. I love taking on a challenge and use my skills, connections and attention to detail, to create a wonderful and unique experience for my clients, tailored specifically just for their desires. I can't wait to share my excitement with you - this is what I find the most gratifying and motivating to go above and beyond.




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